Teeth Cleaning FAQ's​

Why is dental care so important for dogs?


Dogs have an impressive set of teeth, which they use for grasping and holding objects as well as for breaking up food. For this reason, the set of teeth of the dog is vital to survival. However, veterinarians point out that 80 percent of all dogs over the age of three require dental or gum treatment. The diagnosis here is tartar, gingivitis and periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss. A scheduled dental care is the best to keep dog teeth healthy. It is important to start with an animal-friendly care before the dog suffers from dental problems, preferably as a puppy.


What causes tartar and gingivitis on dog teeth?


Dental problems for dogs and humans are similar. Plaque can form on the teeth. Harmful bacteria can build in the mouth of dogs from left-over food after eating. If this plaque is not removed by regular dental cleaning, the plaque solidifies. Painful gingivitis and periodontitis can develop as a result. If your dog’s breath smells unpleasant or has a lack of appetite, they could be suffering from dental disease. Once tartar has formed in the dog, it can only be removed by veterinarian and anaesthesia will be necessary for it.


What is the Emmi-Pet Toothbrush?

The emmi®-pet is the first ultrasonic toothbrush for animals available that motionlessly cleans dogs’ teeth. Because the electric toothbrush works completely noiselessly, the toothbrush can work better for dogs refusing home dental care. Sonic tooth cleaning helps to effectively prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and calculus, mouth odour and tooth loss.


Does it hurt the dog?

No! The Ultrasound technology is completely painless. There is no noise or vibration from the brush and the toothbrush just needs to be held against each tooth for approximately 30 seconds, so no brushing or scrubbing is necessary, most dogs very quickly accept the process.


How quickly will I see a difference in my dog’s teeth?

The answer to this varies on the condition of your dog’s teeth at the start of the treatment. If the teeth have very heavy plaque deposits it may take around 10 treatments or more to see a difference.

​If your dog only has a small amount of tartar build-up then you will see a difference more quickly, although this depends on how frequently you bring your dog for treatment.


What if my dog doesn't like it?

We would never force a dog to have the treatment. If we are unable to settle your dog to accept the treatment then we would discuss this with you and if we are unable to continue, any payments already made for future treatments would be refunded.


My dog doesn't have any tartar is it worth me having the treatment?

Yes! Prevention is always better than cure! The system kills bacteria in the dog’s mouth which is the main cause of gum problems and plaque build-up. By having regular sessions alongside your dog’s regular groom, you can help to prevent the tartar from attaching to the teeth and prevent future dental problems.

How much will it cost?

We have a range of options, more information can be found on our Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning page.

Intensive Treatment Packages

Initial Consultation approximately 30 minutes: £30

Follow-up Appointments: £15

Bundle of initial assessment and 5 sessions in advance: £94.50

Bundle of initial assessment and 10 sessions in advance: £162

Bundle of initial assessment and 15 sessions in advance: £229.5‬0

Bundle of 5 additional sessions in advance: £67.50

Maintenance Sessions

When booked with groom - £15

When booked individually - £20


Preventative sessions for dogs under 2 years: £15